7. How to increase your concentration?

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You are distracted by friends (fun!). You are a chronic multitasker (feels great!). You do not like a certain subject of your study .. There are private matters (not nice ...)

Net result? Less concentration or focus.

Lesson The Brain And Study Success: you need attention to perceive, store and retain information. Attention is like the cement of the bridge. Like the screws of the plane plates. If the majorana of the particle ...
All right. Back on earth. You just need attention to be able to create networks in your brain at all.

Here’s a bunch of solutions. Pick one or more and start practicing.

How to increase your concentration?

  • Make clear agreements with yourself and with your friends.
  • Learn to say "no".
  • Make a schedule, see video 5
  • Find a quiet study room.
  • Turn off all notification tones from your devices, and always remove them from the screen while studying.
  • Is the study material not fun? Be creative, make it fun !.
  • Study in blocks of 20 to max. 40 minutes, or at least as long as your brain is on. How do you know that? If you are interrupted and have to explain aloud what you have just read. If you cannot do that, you will not be on "On".
    Your brain is a major consumer! Use about 20% of all your oxygen, about 25% of all your glucose. If you sit too long, those fuels are used up. Continuing studies makes no sense. So you need regular breaks. Arrange that.
    Discover for each moment whether it should be a shorter or longer break to return to the "On" position.
    And what works best for you to fill in the meantime; stretching a bit, drinking water, doing a little job.

For one week, make notes of what distracts you the most?
Can you come up with a solution for each?