9. Quit procrastination

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Wanna hear a secret …? You’re like totally allowed to procrastinate!
Missed a deadline? Chill. Just tell ‘m that WE’re okay with that!

At least … as long as there are no negative consequences. For you. Or for others.

In case you are bothered by it, for example your house is like really really clean, but you keep failing that particular exam … or your colleague’s are getting really annoyed because you’re letting them do all the work .. or angry friends ‘cause  you’re not living up to the mutual agreements… then you’ve come to the right place.

There are several types of procrastinators.

1. the happy optimistic one. 
You don't seem to have a problem.

2. The uncertain or even anxious procrastinators
You are unsure or afraid to "get stuck". Not to be perfect. To be disappointing ... Or that when your thesis is finished you have to enter the job market and that they will find out that….

3. The overloaded ones
You want or have to do too much. For example because of informal care. The combination study with top sport. Having to work alongside the study. Always too busy.

4. The bored ones
You are bored because the study or study material is not challenging enough or because you really do not like the study itself.

5. The well-yes-eeehm-I-have-always-done-it-this-way-procrastinator
It has become that way in the course of months or even years. No clear reason. Yes. Just.

No matter what kind of procrastinator you are, whatever your reasons are, the moment you get into trouble because of persistent failure, or because people around you often get angry or irritated, it's useful to to deal with. Here are some tips:

  • Turn off all social media notification signals four times a day for one hour.
  • Give yourself permission to postpone. Five minutes. Set a timer. After five minutes it is ready and you get started. Is it not ready yet? Give yourself permission to postpone. Five minutes. Set a timer. After five minutes it is ready.
  • Make a schedule. Then you have an overview. You also know immediately when you do have room to postpone.
  • Reserve fixed parts of the day in the week for your study.
  • Divide the task or activity into smaller chunks or parts. Make it easy to handle. 
  • Reward yourself regularly in any case, even when finishing the smaller parts.
  • Do the nasty jobs first (‘Eat the frog first’).
  • Perform the task or activity without liking it.
  • Fake it ‘til you make it. Once the starter motor runs, it often continues to run. ['I'm excited! Wonderful! I really feel like starting, I can feel it, I really feel like starting! "] Be as hysterical as necessary to jump up and get started.
  • Get someone to kick you in the ass. Anyway.
  • Go study with each other. Be lovingly harsh towards each other.
  • Repeat this mantra: "I am about to procrastinate. I am in my tight mind and I accept all possible or already known negative consequences." Repeat it aloud and for as long as you either get to work or feel that you genuinely accept those consequences.

Finally: are you not to be helped? Share this with our student psychologist. They love a challenge like that ….