Helpful links

General Career Advice

  • VHTO - Women in Science and Technology
  • WerkenbijdeOverheid (Dutch)- All the internships and vacancies of the Dutch Government
  • AcademicTransfer - Scientific vacancies at Universities and Researchinstitutes
  • Intermediar (Dutch)- Overview of Career Tools
  • Monsterboard (Dutch)- Career tool of the Dutch vacancies website Monsterboard
  • Traineeshipplaza - Orientation channel for students in their final year and Young Professionals
  • VDAB (Dutch) - Searching for International Jobs within ├índ outside the EU
  • Expertise in Labour Mobility - When you are interested in Labour Mobility on international level
  • Dresscode (Dutch)- Clothing advice for interviews and other moments

Information for Dutch Students

Information for International Students

  • StudyPortals - Find all the information about Bachelor/Master/PhD-studies in foreign countries
  • Disabilities - Information about working with a disability.
  • Hoi Holland! app - Playing Hoi Holland! is a first step towards mastering the Dutch language by learning the basics.
  • Holland Career Ambassadors - These 26 trained Ambassadors who are currently working in the Netherlands, stand ready to prepare, motivate and inspire international students.
  • The Dutch School System explained - Information about how the Dutch school system works. 

The Dutch Labourmarket for Students

  • Jaarverslag (Dutch) - Overview of Dutch annual company reports
  • Loonindex (Dutch) - Free advice on salary from rewardprofessionals (based on the Dutch CAO)
  • StartBedrijf (Dutch) - Starting your own Company
  • Pathfinder - The new Pathfinder applications include information on career and internships and has been initiated by EP-Nuffic.
  • (Dutch) - doing interviews with a disability