Academic counsellor Master programmes

Aerospace Engineering
Applied Earth Sciences
Applied Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems and Sustainable Energy and Technology

First and Second years

Mariëlle van Nijsten

First and Second years

Michel Rodrigues

Third year and up

Leonie Boortman

Applied Sciences

Applied Physics

Alyssa van 't Hout, MSc

Science Education & Communication / Technische Universitaire Lerarenopleiding

Pauline Elshof

Chemical Engineering

Drs. Carina Vonk

Life Science & Technology

Drs. Carina Vonk


Tanja Hilkhuijsen, MSc

Architecture, Urbanism, Building sciences and Geomatics
Civil Engineering, Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management, Construction Management & Engineering, Minerals and Environmental Programme
Design for Interaction, Integrated Product Design, Strategic Product Design

van Lawick, J.A. (Jeroen)

van Drunen, A. (Annemiek)

Melchior, S. (Stefan)

Industrial Ecology
Management of Technology, Complex Systems Engineering and Management, Engineering and Policy Analysis, TBM
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Systems & Control, BioMedical Engineering, Offshore Engineering (3mE)

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