Our services during COVID-19

Dear student,

As you have noticed there have been taken several measures due to the Corona virus. We realise that these measures are undoubtedly far-reaching. All students and employees of TU Delft will be required to make considerable and unexpected extra efforts. We realise this can feel quite restless. We are putting in all our effort to support you through our services, despite the current situation. Thank you in advance for you flexibility.

Our adjusted working methods will be explained below. If you need some support right now, please use our online tools:

Do you experience concentration problems due to the situation? Or are you feeling worried?

Due to the measures announced by the Executive Board against the Coronavirus, we are forced to adjust the following working methods:

1-on-1 appointments
For the time being, all meetings will be phonecalls or videomeetings. If you want to make an appointment please send your name, e-mail adress and phonenumber.

Walk-in hours

The walk-in consultation hours are now held by phone. Do you want to use our consultation hours? Click here to check our availability. For Psychologists and Student counsellors and Career Centre please fill in a consent form before 11 AM and send it by e-mail using the header “walk-in hour”. Please include in the email your name, student number (PhDs employee number), date of birth & telephone number and send your e-mail to:
Psychologists: psychologists@tudelft.nl
Student counsellors: centralcounsellors@tudelft.nl
Career centre: careercentre@tudelft.nl (please attach any relevant documents e.g. CV, motivation letter or vacancy advert).
Horizon: horizon-esa@tudelft.nl.

The Boost walk-in hour is on Monday from 17:30 – 19:00h. Due to the coronavirus, the session takes place online (via Zoom). You can enroll yourself for a session via the website from BOOST/X.

As usual, our teams are also available by email!
We are aware of the challenges this decision poses and hope for your understanding and flexibility.

Kind regards,
Team Career & Counselling Services

The Psychologists team: psychologen@tudelft.nl
The Central Counsellors team: centralcounsellors@tudelft.nl
The Career Centre team: careercentre@tudelft.nl