Asthma & Allergies

Students with asthma / an allergy can encounter problems with:

  • Attendance (of examinations, lectures and tutorials)
  • Environmental factors (smoke, dust, etc.)

What can you do yourself?


  • Make sure the people concerned know that you have asthma or an allergy by telling them yourself or by using the services of the academic counsellors.
  • Find out to what extent your disability may affect you in carrying out possible professions.

Possible facilities


  • Ask your academic counsellor about a study area that can be controlled as much as possible in terms of ventilation, sun protection, non-smoking, etc.
  • Extra support.


  • The possibility of handing in an assignment at a different time.
  • Spreading out modules/examinations.

Whether these facilities are available to you will be determined in a consultation with your academic counsellor.

Financial assistance

If you have experienced a delay in the progress of your studies due to your disability, you could be eligible for financial assistance under the Profiling Fund (RPF) or a provision of DUO. You can find more information here.