Hearing impairments

Students with a hearing impairment mainly encounter problems with:

  • following lectures
  • participating in tutorials
  • obtaining and carrying out an internship
  • carrying out practical activities

What can you do yourself?


  • Make sure the people concerned know that you are hearing impaired by telling them yourself or by using the services of the student supervisors. Make sure lecturers are informed in advance on how they can take your disability into account.
  • Ask if you can copy a fellow student's notes.
  • For lectures and other activities involving the use of video material, ask for subtitles, a summary or an explanation beforehand.
  • Sit at the front during lectures.
  • Check whether the lecturer has provided information on the lecture beforehand on BrightSpace. If so, review this information and bring it with you to the lecture.
  • Find out to what extent your hearing impairment may affect you in carrying out possible professions. For example, find an internship position that can offer a good insight into the opportunities and limitations you can expect to encounter.
  • Use Collegerama or record the lecture on a voice recorder, so that you can listen to it again afterwards.
  • During group assignments, reduce ambient noises as much as possible and switch on the lights if you want to see what people are saying.

Possible facilities


  • Do you have a FM/DM system? If so, ask your lecturer beforehand if he wants to use the microphone. On campus only room A (B62)  at the faculty of AE has audio induction loop for smartphone.
  • Group assignments in a separate room.

Would you like to find out more about the facilities? Get in touch with one of the student counsellors.


  • If necessary, ask whether you can take oral examinations in writing.
  • Spreading out modules/examinations.
  • Using an mp-3 player in case of tinnitus.

Whether these facilities are available to you will be determined in a talk with your academic counsellor.

Financial assistance

If you have experienced a delay in the progress of your studies due to your disability, you could be eligible for financial assistance under the Profiling Fund (RPF) or a provision of DUO. You can find more information here.

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