Psychological problems

Students with psychological problems can encounter difficulties with:

  • Taking examinations
  • Studying the course material
  • Following lectures (processing information / attendance)
  • Individual assignments
  • Participating in tutorials (working together / holding presentations)

What can you do yourself?


  • Study texts actively by underlining, summarising and reading aloud.
  • More and more lectures are being recorded through Collegerama. Check Blackboard to find out whether your subjects are offered, so that you can (quickly) follow the lecture again.
  • Use relaxation exercises.
  • Schedule time for breaks.

Possible facilities


  • Extra support.
  • Relaxation of attendance requirements.

Ask your academic counsellor about the possibilities in your faculty.


  • The possibility of extra time for examinations.
  • The possibility of handing in an assignment at a different time.
  • Spreading out modules/examinations.
  • The possibility of an alternative form of assessment, such as a video presentation instead of an oral presentation.

Whether these facilities are available to you within your faculty will be determined in a consultation with your student counsellor and academic counsellor.

Financial assistance

If you have experienced a delay in the progress of your studies due to your disability, you could be eligible for financial assistance under the Profiling Fund (RPF) or a provision of DUO. You can find more information here.

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