Student Onbeperkt

Studying successfully with a disability, for and by students

Studying with a disability at TU Delft brings many challenges, but there are also a lot of possibilities. Through student platform Student Onbeperkt, which translates to Student Unlimited, you can get in touch with other students with a disability, exchange tips and tricks and collaborate with the TU Delft on policy about studying with a disability.

Student Onbeperkt is a new initiative and is still in the start-up phase. While we want to be there for all students, we have decided to focus on Dutch students during this initial phase. We help English speaking students connect with others, organise a monthly meetup that is open to internationals and relay your feedback to the university. However, most activities are currently not available in English. We ask for your understanding.

For whom?

The student platform Student Onbeperkt is for students at TU Delft with a disability. Any condition, handicap or limitation that can create obstacles to your work belongs to the term disability. Some examples that are included, are (incomplete):

  • Cognitive: AD(H)D, Autism, Dyslexia
  • Psychological: Depression, Anxiety disorders
  • Chronic Illness: Crohn's Disease, Diabetes
  • Physical disability(s): Motor disability, RSI
  • Auditory and Visual impairments
  • Epilepsy, Migraine & more ...

What does Student Onbeperkt offer?

  • Get in touch with other students with a disability
  • Collaborate with TU Delft on policy about studying with a disability
  • Monthly (digital) meetups, where you can share your thoughts as well as chat with others, so that you can learn a lot from each other.

Who are the studentambassadors of Student Onbeperkt?

When you struggle with things happening on your faculty or your study, you can contact the ambassador of Student Onbeperkt of your faculty.
They will guide you to find the right help and can give you tips about studying within your faculty itself.
See in the image below which ambassador is linked to your faculty.

Join us!

Join us! Participate without any obligations in an open meetup evening or register with Student Onbeperkt through our registration form. You will receive more information by e-mail.

About Student Onbeperkt

Mission and vision

The mission of Student Onbeperkt is to ensure that every student with a disability at the TU Delft feels right at home and can fully engage in education. 

Student Onbeperkt is a platform for students with disabilities by students with disabilities that is committed to interaction, improvement and informing. This means:  

  • Interaction 
    Providing a safe environment in which students with disabilities can interact with each other. 
  • Improvement  
    Improving studying with a disability through a good cooperation with TU Delft. 
  • Informing
    Providing information to students, teachers and staff about studying with a disability


In 2018, TU Delft started working on a new policy plan on studying with a disability, following the signing of the United Nations convention on persons with a disability or chronic illness. A student platform was then set up by Education and Student Affairs as a focus group for writing and implementing this policy plan.

From the platform we noticed how important it is for students with a disability to be involved in the creation of policy on studying with a disability and how helpful it is to meet other students with a disability. From the beginning, we have helped each other by exchanging experiences about obstacles we encountered and how we dealt with them. We noticed how important it is to have a place where we can be ourselves and talk openly about what's going on in our lives without prejudice. In 2020, we decided as students to take things into control ourselves and set up Student Onbeperkt. On the one hand, we find it important to give this social aspect a permanent place. On the other hand, we believe it is important to not only provide feedback to questions from the TU Delft, but also to proactively provide input about the obstacles we encounter and consider important.

Current form and future

We work closely together with Education and Student Affairs and the study advisors to improve the study climate for students with a disability. For example, we have monthly meetings with the TU to discuss what we can improve together. In the academic year 2020/2021, TU Delft is set to work on the implementation of the new policy plan on studying with a disability, in which Student Onbeperkt has an official role in providing feedback from students.

In addition, we have an open meetup evening every first Thursday of the month, where everyone can join to get in touch with other students with a disability in a safe environment. Due to the current COVID-19 measures, these open meetup evenings will take place digitally via Discord. We talk about study obstacles and daily life in a large diverse group as well as in smaller chats per subject or disability. When it is possible again, we also want to organise physical meetings.

Joining the platform

As a member of Student Onbeperkt, you can play a role in the platform for free and without any obligation. We think it is important that no one feels obligated and we try to create a safe environment for everyone. Every contribution, both towards TU Delft and socially, is highly appreciated. We would love if you join the platform!

Do you have questions and / or comments? You can reach us by emailing

More information about studying with a disability can be found here.

Who do I contact for what?