Are you new to the TU Delft and would you liketo have more information about extra counselling, special requirements and/or services, please send an email to Your email will be kept confidential. Upon receipt, we will contact you as soon as possible.
In order to give you the best possible service, we strongly recommend you enquire about the facilities and possibilities available well in advance of your prospect study period in Delft.
You can directly contact the following persons. Who you should contact depends on the particular situation:

Academic counsellor

The faculty academic counsellor is the first person to contact for matters related to your academic studies. You can discuss with him or her what you need in terms of counseling and services: the student counselor knows the various channels and possibilities available to you. He/she can also help you to adapt to your academic degree program: Sometimes student counsellors refer you to the university student counsellor.


The psychologists offer help to students with difficulties that stand in the way of good studying, on individual basis as well as in groups.

University student counsellor

The university student counsellor offer advice about all matters that are not directly related to academic issues, such as student financial aid, university regulations and material provisions.

*All discussions with academic counsellors, psychologists or university student counsellors are strictly confidential.