Customised solutions

If you have a disability and/or chronic illness that is hindering your studies, you should contact one of the academic counsellors of your faculty as soon as possible. TU Delft has a number of standard support facilities available to help you in your studies and reduce study delays. These facilities include extra time in tests and exams (for dyslexia, see the flyer), TextAid text-to-speech software, and training and workshops on personal development and study skills.

During the course of your studies you may find that the standard facilities are not – or no longer – sufficient and that you need facilities customised to your specific needs. Examples may include an individual exam arrangement or an adapted workplace. If this is the case you should make an appointment with your academic counsellor to discuss what specific facilities are appropriate and necessary. Please be aware that it may not be possible to provide a customised solution to every need. See this flyer for more information on customised solutions.