Extra time in tests and exams


If you would like to be given extra time during your test or exam because of your disability, TU Delft offers you a time extension of 10 minutes per hour of test or exam for this purpose. You can request this extra time by starting a Case Facility in MyTUDelft Case (MyTUDelft Zaak). You must request this at least two weeks before your test or interim exam.

How to apply for extended examination time:

  1. Go to my.tudelft.nl or use the mytudelft-app.
  2. Open Osiris Case (see menu Go To below).
  3. Click Start Case to start the application and follow the instructions.
  4. Attach a digital scan of your official medical statement bearing your diagnosis.
  5. When the facility of extended examination time is granted, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Print it out and preserve it carefully, as for each exam you have to show this document.


Please do not apply for extra time during the exam/test for the Selection Procedure via a Case Facility in MyTUDelft! You will receive information about the Selection Procedure from the Faculty!


Requirements medical statement:

  • Your medical document must be signed and dated by a recognized healthcare agency, for example a doctor /physician, psychologist or psychiatrist.  
  • Your medical document must contain information which confirms your disability and the structural nature.
  • You have to supply a (official) translation in English.

Requirement dyslexia statement:

  • Your dyslexia diagnosis must have been issued by a recognised body, and must also meet the criteria of the Dyslexia Foundation of the Netherlands (Stichting Dyslexie Nederland, SDN). Please contact us for the translation of the criteria when in doubt.
  • Furthermore, students must supply a translation of their dyslexia statement in English.

You may not have a medical statement bearing the diagnosis of your disability. This may be because your healthcare practitioner does not provide any statements, because no diagnosis has (yet) been established, or because you cannot obtain a document that meets the above requirements. In that case, you can contact your academic counsellor to find out what the options are. We recommend that you check carefully in advance whether you may be able to obtain a medical statement, as this can facilitate and speed up the process.