What is Brightspace?

Brightspace is the replacement for Blackboard and will be TU Delft's new collaborative and learning environment starting in the 2017-2018 academic year. Since we had to enter into a compulsory tendering process for the learning environment, we saw it as an excellent opportunity to make some improvements. Brightspace has been set up in collaboration with students and lecturers.

This system enables us to provide effective support for education and so also improve the teaching and learning user experience for lecturers and students. In the coming year, we will be setting up the basics of Brightspace, enabling everyone to get to know the new system. In the year after that, we will optimise the system.

Using Brightspace

You can find Brightspace via the link You log in as usual with your TU Delft NetID. Once logged in, you can change your profile settings in Brightspace to suit your preferences. For example, you can choose which courses you wish to see by pinning them and you can also determine your own settings for accessibility and notifications. Further details can be found in the Brightspace tutorial.

You can find your courses in Osiris, where you can register, or in Brightspace in the course catalogue. This depends on your faculty's signing-up policy for courses.


The first major advantage of Brightspace is that it is a scalable (responsive) application, which means that it works equally well on all your devices. It is even easier to use on your mobile with the Brightspace Pulse app. In addition, thanks to input from students, a standard layout has been chosen for all courses, which means that the basic information about your course can always be found in the same place.

What about Blackboard?

Blackboard is still available as an archive for the time being. This means you can still log in to view your courses from previous years. But for the latest information on education and courses, to collaborate with students and lecturers and to submit assignments, you should go to Brightspace from 2017-2018.