Advanced intensive


CEF from B1 to B2.
The level, depending on your particular results, will be equivalent to or slightly  below that of the NT2-II State Examination(CEF C1). After having followed this course you will be equipped to follow higher vocational education and university courses. Some participants may well have become proficient enough in Dutch to successfully complete non-technical university or higher vocational education studies.

Study workload

The study workload is around 40 hours a week. This course is extremely intensive. You can not affort to miss any of the lessons! Participating in this course demands selfdiscipline and commitment.


The lessons take place three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. One lesson takes around 2,5 hours. After each lesson there is a listening test for half an hour in the computer language laboratory.

Course fees and payment

The course fee is € 820,- excluding lesson material, this fee is valid until August 1st 2021. As informed this course will be offered as an online course at the moment, the costs for this online program are € 600,- (subject to price changes).
For more information about payment please, click here.

Schedule & registration

Due the Coronavirus measures all physical education at the TU Delft has been altered to online education. At this moment it is not yet clear when our courses can take place in their regular format again.

Online courses

Our courses starting in the coming months are being offered in an online course format: online conversation lessons for around 1,5 hour in small groups of max. 9 persons twice a day for the intensive courses. For more information you can contact our office.

Order the Derde ronde

Books can be ordered online or be purchased at your local bookshop.

Order the Tweede ronde

Books can be ordered online or be purchased at your local bookshop.