• You can pay the course fee by debit card at the secretariat or transfer the fee to our bank account no later than 3 weeks before the course will start.   
    Our bank details are:
    Bank account number: 542891859
    IBAN: NL08ABNA0542891859
    Swift: ABNANL2A
    In the name of: Faculteit TBM.
    Ref: please state your name + the course name + M57M572AG.
    If you make a bank transfer please send us a copy of the payment.
  • Canceling the course is possible until 3 weeks before the course will start. After this date you are obliged to pay for the course. Restitution of course fees will not be possible.
  • It is not possible to pay the course fee in instalments or to only pay part of the fee.
  • Those who fail to participate in, or who only partly attend the courses for which they have registered may not expect fee restitution.
  • If you do not attend the introduction meeting of the Beginners course, or the first meeting of the other courses, you will loose your right to take part in the course.
  • It is not possible to pay for the course with a DUO loan. TU Delft does not have a Blik op Werk mark and no contract with DUO. On their website you can find a list of institutes that are funded by DUO.