To be able to follow a course, you must register for courses in time via MyTUDelft (Osiris) and/or Brightspace. This differs per faculty/study programme.

If you are registered for a course after admission, you are not yet registered for an exam or test. You do this with registration for an exam.

Course Enrolment and Unenrolment

Because you register for courses per semester, the study programme/faculty and the responsible teacher(s) can ensure that appropriate educational facilities are arranged (such as teaching rooms, materials and sufficient supervision). In this way, we also make more effective use of our facilities.

Whether you are required to register for courses differs per faculty. In the overview below you can see how this is done in your faculty. Also, check the study guide at the course level to see whether you meet the admission requirements and/or whether you are required to register for an individual course.

If you are following a thematic minor, registration for the thematic minor is sufficient. You do not have to register separately for thematic minor courses.

Differences between course registration in MyTUDelft, BIS and Brightspace

  • When you register for a course in MyTUDelft and you are admitted, you will be automatically enrolled in Brightspace. When you register through MyTUDelft you also have to de-register in MyTUDelft.
  • When you enrol yourself to a course in Brightspace Course Catalog, you are only enrolled in Brightspace. Unrolling can be done via the Course Catalog.
  • When you register yourself for a course in BIS (for courses from the faculty A+BE) and you are admitted, you will be automatically enrolled in Brightspace. To Unenrol yourself you need to do this in both BIS and  Course Catalog afmelden. 

A course in Brightspace is only visible and possible when the teacher has activated the course. When you do not see the course in the course catalog before the start of your course, it might be the case that you have to wait until the course has been activated. 

More information about enrolment in Brightspace can be found in the Brightspace support pages.

More information

If you have any questions about the applicable registration procedure for courses of your study program/faculty, please see the faculty information pages below for more information. Here you will also find the contact information.

If the faculty is not listed, it means that registration for courses has not been widely introduced. For each course, you can find in the study guide whether registration is necessary.