Admission to exam hall

To be admitted to the exam hall, you need to bring a campus card, exam ticket and valid ID with you. Upon entry of the exam hall the invigilator checks on the basis of your campus card and exam ticket if you're actually signed up for the exam and that you are assigned to the appropriate exam hall. Without registration you are not entitled to access the exam hall. When handing in the exam the invigilator will check again if you are registered.

When you forgot your campus card or exam ticket, the invigilator checks using your ID if you are on the entry list.If you are unable to present a campus card or another legitimate form of ID, such as a driving licence or passport, you will not be allowed entry into the exam hall.


There will be cardreaders used in several exam halls to scan your campuscard. The invigilator will check if you are registered for the exam by using the cardreader.

Cardreaders will be used in the following exam halls.