Registration for examinations

How and when to sign up for an exam in MyTUDelft

How: You have to register for an exam. This can be done in or via MyTUDelft app (previously called Osiris). In this video, there is an explanation for how to register in the exams.

Until when

Make sure you register on time for your exams. If you do not do this, you will not be able to participate. Registration closes up to 14 calendar days before the day of the examination.

Exam day

Deadline to register up to 14 calendar days before


3rd Sunday before until 23:59


3rd Monday before until 23:59


3rd Tuesday before until 23:59


3rd Wednesday before until 23:59


3rd Thursday before until 23:59


After-registration and the waiting list

As again per the academic year 2022-2023, registration takes place, making use of a waiting list. The moment the deadline for registration is closed (14 calendar days before the day of the exam), you will automatically be placed on the waiting list when registering for the exam. Up to 6 calendar days before the exam, you can register on the waiting list. As of 6 calendar days before the exam day, it is clear if there are still seats available in the exam room. The firsts placed on the waiting list will be able to participate in the exam until all seats are occupied.

Exam day

Deadline to after-registration up to 6 calendar days before


Monday before, until 23:59


Tuesday before, until 23:59


Wednesday before, until 23:59


Thursday before, until 23:59


Friday before, until 23:59


To give you enough time to register for your exam, exam registration will start at the start of each quarter, namely 8 weeks before the exam day (example (1) (2) calculating registration for an exam).

You will be informed by automatic generated emails via Osiris, when placed on the waiting list and when participating in the exam or not after closing the waiting list.

Check examination registration

Once you have registered for an exam you will receive an automatically generated exam ticket on your TU Delft email address.

In MyTUDelft you can check if you are actually registered for the exam. Go to the section 'Registration' and then the tab 'Overview registrations'. Here you will find an overview of all exams you are registered for.


Students who cannot register through or via MyTUDelft app for a specific reason, such as PhDs, can register through BSc MST students have to register through uSis in Leiden and not through MyTUDelft.


Up to 3 days before the exam you can cancel your registration via  

Too late with your exam registration?

If the exam is on campus, you can use the last-minute exam admission procedure.

Last-minute exam admission procedure:

  • On the day of the exam, you should report to the lecturer/invigilator 15 minutes before the start.
  • The lecturer/invigilator will hand out the ‘Last-minute admission procedure and declaration’ form to students on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be asked to complete and sign the form.
  • Thirty minutes after the start of the exam, the number of unused places and examination papers will be counted.
  • Based on the number of places and examination papers available, students will be admitted to the examination room in the order of the number indicated on their form. The signed form must be handed to the invigilator on entry.
  • Missing the first thirty minutes of the examination time cannot be compensated.
  • If there are no unused places in the examination room or there are not enough exam papers available, you will not be allowed into the examination room.

If it is a remote examination, it's not possible to participate in the exam.

Force majeure

Of course you may have a good reason why you couldn't register for an exam in time (forgetting to register for an exam is not a good reason!). A student who wishes to invoke force majeure can request a declaration of force majeure from the examination board of the program.