Registration for examinations

As long as the Corona measures are in force, most exams will be taken online.

Sign up for an exam in Osiris

You have to register for an exam. This can be done in Osiris ( Note that the registration closes six calendar days before the day of the exam in question. If your exam is on a Thursday, the last day to register is up to the Thursday before. Please note, that there are no waiting lists and last minute exam registration is not possible. Once you have registered for an exam you will receive an automatically generated exam ticket. Make sure you register in time for your exams. If you do not do this, you will not be able to participate. To give you enough time, the exam registration will be opened at the beginning of each period.   

NB: Students who cannot register through Osiris for a specific reason, such as PhDs, can register through BSc MST students have to register through uSis in Leiden and not through Osiris.

Please note: closing of exam registration six calendar days before the start of the exam is implemented as of 13 October 2020. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, 14 days prior to an exam was the registration deadline. However during Q3 and Q4 examination period, the registrations for exams was temporarily closed 3 days before the exam as the university moved to remote examinations. In Q1 we are better prepared for online examinations and therefore have changed the exam registration deadline from 3 days to 6 days – this is a more reasonable time period, beneficial for both students and lecturers. The waiting list and the last minute registration period have been removed as these are no longer suited for remote examinations. 

Check examination registration

In Osiris you can check if you are actually registered for the exam. Go to the section 'Registration' and then the tab 'Overview registrations'. Here you will find an overview of all exams you are registered for.


Up to 6 days before the exam you can de-register via Osiris (

Too late with your exam registration?

If you didn't register, it's not possible to participate in the exam.

Force majeure

Of course you may have a good reason why you couldn't register for an exam in time. A student who wishes to invoke force majeure can request a declaration of force majeure from the examination board of the program.