Explanation of abbreviations of locations at TU campus

In the timetable you will find abbreviations from the buildings added with a number, letter or a name. The abbreviations correspond to the buildings and addresses mentioned below:

Aula:  Aula Congressoffice - Mekelweg 5
BK:Bouwkunde - Julianalaan 134
CT:Civil Engineering - Stevinweg 1
CZ:Lecture room
DW: Examination Hall Drebbelweg - Cornelis Drebbelweg 5
EWI:Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science - Mekelweg 4
FelS:  Fellowship gebouw Aerospace Engineering - Kluyverweg 5
ID/IO: Industrial Design Engineering - Landbergstraat 15
IZ:Instruction room
LR:Aerospace Engineering - Kluyverweg 1
PC:Computer room
TBM:Technology, Policy and Management - Jaffalaan 5
TNW: Applied Physics - Lorentzweg 1
X (former Sports&Culture):Mekelweg 8
2C: Building 2 Centre – Korte Geer 1
3mE:Mechanical Engineering, Marine Technology and Materials Science Engineering - Mekelweg 2