Honours Programme Master

“Why should I apply for the Honours Programme Master?”

Because you are looking for the most exciting challenge on top of your regular Master’s degree! Each academic year, a group of around 100 MSc-students start the HPM. From Q4 in the first year of your MSc at the latest* until the end of the second year of your MSc, you will be challenged to develop yourself more broadly as well as in-depth via a variety of courses and projects. And you yourself determine a large part of the contents of your HPM; the onus is put on you.

*Why “at the latest”? Because your faculty determines the more precise entry requirements and selection procedure for the HPM. As a result, the start of the HPM may differ per faculty. See the “Entry Requirements & Selection Procedure” at the bottom of this page for more.

“What is the main purpose of the HPM?”

The main purpose of the Honours Programme Master is to offer the perfect challenge for your ambition and talent through extra-curricular educational activities to develop yourself further, both in terms of broadening your horizons as well as gaining more in-depth knowledge and skills of your field of study. Just like you, do we as the HPD organization continuously look for new opportunities to develop ourselves further. This search for continual self-improvement as HPD organization entails for you that we are continuously looking out for new, disciplinary and inter- and multidisciplinary educational honours challenges for you to take on. You want the extra challenge on top of your studies? You will get just that with the HPM!

“How do I develop myself more precisely through participation in the HPM?”

Participating in the HPM strengthens your capacities in:

  • Scientific and intellectual development;
  • Research and design skills;
  • Inter- and Multidisciplinary collaboration and communication;
  • Self-reflection and self-management.

These are not just any list of capacities. These are the capacities which companies proactively search for and actively recruit on, especially with ambitious students with a technical background.

Practical Information

  • The Honours Programme Master start in Q4 of your first year of your Master’s at the latest.
  • If you complete the programme, you will receive a separate Honours certificate with your degree.
  • The full Honours Programme Master is 20 ECTS on top of your regular Masters (120 ECTS). The programme has two parts:
    • The interfaculty part for which, on average*, you at least obtain 5 ECTS;
    • The faculty part for which, on average*, you obtain 15 ECTS.
    • You can choose to follow the 4TU specialization instead of the faculty part for which you obtain 15 ECTS. 

*Why “on average”? Because your faculty determines the more precise ECTS-distribution between the interfaculty and faculty part, as well as the entry requirements and selection procedure for the HPM.

To be more specific regarding both the interfaculty part and the faculty part of the HPM: for the interfaculty part you must complete one of the following interfaculty courses:

  • Technological Expertise in Public Debate Critical Reflection on Technology (UD2010)
  • Business Leadership for Engineers (UD2012)
  • Leadership Skills for Engineers (IFHPM0020)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IFHPM0000)
  • Materials in a sustainable society (IFHPM0010)

Regarding the faculty part, the possibilities of determining its content differ strongly per faculty. The idea is that you compose your programme in such a way that you transcend the borders of your standard curriculum. For example, you conduct research under the supervision of an experienced researcher, you set up your own project at another faculty or university, or you take on an extra internship or extra courses outside of your standard curriculum.

If you are selected for the programme, then you must submit a proposal for the contents of your faculty 15 ECTS. Look for more information on the website of the Honours Programme Master of your faculty or contact your contact person at your faculty.

PLEASE NOTE! Only written approval of your faculty HPM coordinator in advance allows you to earn ECTS for the faculty part of your HPM. No written approval in advance > No ECTS. Therefore, always ask for approval from your faculty HPM coordinator before you start your project with full dedication!

Entry Requirements & Selection Procedure

Each faculty has set the entry requirements and a selection procedure for when their students are eligible to participate in the Honours Programme Master and how they can apply for place.

To be eligible for participation in the HPM, your faculty has the entry requirement of a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least a 7,5 of one of the following three categories:

  1. BSc;
  2. MSc-Q1;
  3. MSc Semester 1 (i.e. Q1 & Q2).

So, for example, at faculty X you need to have obtained a GPA of at least a 7,5 for (all) your BSc (results), whereas at faculty Y a GPA of at least a 7,5 for (all) your MSc-Q1 (results) is required. Furthermore, it is of course very important that you are motivated and prepared to put in the work. Please check with your faculty for the exact criteria.

Do you meet the entry requirements? Then you will be invited to participate in the Honours Programme Master. Depending on your faculty, a motivational letter and an interview may be part of the selection procedure, if you take up the invitation to apply for the HPM. Have you not been invited despite meeting the entry requirements? Please contact your faculty HPM coordinator(s)