Thesis Assessment

Prior to the session, you check the room and the equipment (portable, beamer). After the session you take care that the room is brought back in order.

The public session starts with a short introduction by the chair of the thesis committee, introducing the candidate, the topic of the project, the members of the thesis committee and the examination procedure. You give a 30-40 minutes presentation on the project. This should cover all aspects and phases of the project, starting with a clear problem definition and ending with conclusions. The presentation should be on a level that addresses the colleague students, i.e. it is not intended as a layman’s presentation.

After the presentation 10 minutes are reserved for questions from the audience. After the presentation and discussion, the thesis committee examines the candidate about the thesis. This will take a maximum of one hour and each committee member must have the opportunity to discuss the work in detail with the candidate. After the examination, the committee withdraws to make their conclusion upon the grade.

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