You should carry out the project autonomously under guidance of a thesis advisor. You carry out your own Master’s Thesis Project, even in case of a complex project carried out by a team of students. 

The guidance is done by the Thesis advisor and a daily supervisor.*

  • Thesis advisor: Staff member (Full and Associate professor) responsible for students’ guidance.
  • Daily supervisor: staff member (e.g., PhD student or postdoc) or external expert from company, responsible for the daily guidance.

*Check the programme specific guidelines on supervision on the Master Thesis EEMCS Brightspace page of your programme. 

In consultation with your thesis advisor, you’ll select a thesis topic. In addition, a daily supervisor (tutor) or an advisor, from the company where the thesis research is conducted, may be assigned. The thesis topic should comply with the research area of the thesis advisor.

You meet your thesis advisor (and the daily supervisor) on a two-weekly or three-weekly basis to discuss the progress. You should provide an agenda and a written progress report for the meetings describing the progress and the main discussion items. In between the meetings you may ask your the daily supervisor for technical assistance.

The supervisors will give feedback on the preliminary results and will indicate whether the project is still on track. In all cases, the student is assumed to take initiative and to guard the progress of the project. During the project, and in particular near the end, you should start writing the thesis report and you should hand in chapters for reviewing to the thesis advisor and daily supervisor. The thesis advisor should give feedback within reasonable time.

The thesis advisor assesses the proposal on feasibility and academic depth, and may suggest modifications. You should indicate in advance whether (s)he is available fulltime. If not, he has to make provisions with the research group or company to do the assignment part time. Ask your thesis advisor for good thesis report examples.