Studying on campus at EEMCS

From the first of March onwards there will be more study places available to you. These study places are meant for those who do not have the possibility to study at home or who are having difficulty studying at home. You can reserve a study place yourself, please do make use of your reservation! For more information on study places at the Library, Pulse and Community Places click here

If you would like a study place at the faculty: there are different ways to request permission to study on campus. See which situation applies to you and request permission or register for a slot following the described procedure. We trust that everyone will follow the guidelines since this is the only way we can continue to work and study in a safe environment.   

All EEMCS students can book a maximum of 2 slots per week for self-study in building 35 (Drebbelweg) via the EEMCS reservation system, from Tuesday 9th of March 18:00. The principle of first come, first served is used.

How does it work?

  • Weekly from Monday 18:00, you can book two slots for the next Wednesday to Tuesday.
  • Self-study places in building 35 are only intended for EEMCS students;
  • At the service desk of building 35 (head entrance), a check will take place to ensure that the student is indeed an EEMCS student and has booked a self-study space. So bring your campus card and the confirmation of your reservation;
  • Scan your campus card at the laptop at the service desk
  • Each student can book a maximum of two half-days per week
  • Time slots will start at the start time specified in the reservation system, all time slots will end at 12:30 or 17:30.
  • Not able to come? Then cancel your study-space reservation, so that another student can get a place;
  • Abuse will not be tolerated. In the halls for self-study, students are not allowed to take unproctored or proctored exams, this is seen as fraud.
  • Stick to the guidelines:
    • Do not come to health complaints
    • Keep your distance
    • Wear a face mask when you move around the building
    • Exit the building at the end of your timeslot.

You can make a reservation from Tuesday 9 March at 6 p.m. via the EWI reservation system:

  • Select 'Courses'
  • Select 'Study on campus for exams (STUDY)', enroll for the course and select the 'labs' tab
  • Select a time slot by pressing the button "Enqueue" at the top right, max. 2 time slots per week
  • Then select again the room and the time slot and press last on the "enqueue" button at the bottom of the page.
  • The confirmation in the browser can be shown at the Service point For registration, personal data is temporarily stored from single sign-on; it will only be used to check your reservation.

The self-study areas are cleaned on a daily basis. There are also cleaning products available with which you can clean your own study-space.

The reservation data will be deleted at the end of the quarter. For more options for studying on campus, visit the student information page about the corona virus.

Students with personal circumstances can apply for a study space by sending an email to the Academic Counsellors. They will review your application for a general self-study space in building 36. Your e-mail should include: 

  • Student number 
  • Motivation 
  • Statement from an external expert (i.e. a ADHD statement or a letter from your psychologist) 
  • Study programme 
  • Period during which you need a study place. 

Are you feeling unwell working from home and are you not in possession of a statement from an external expert? Please contact the Academic Counsellors and make an appointment. Or take a look at the wellbeing and study page

Master students who work on their thesis project request lab/ study space via MaRe. First, register your Master Thesis Project, then apply for a lab/ study space. The department secretary will process your request and assign a spot either in building 36 or 28.