Let's Connect!

The EEMCS faculty and the study associations offer you an opportunity to meet up with a fellow student who is following the same programme as you. We hope this may spark new encounters and connections between you all in 2022, connections that support you as a student!

How can I participate?
No need for you to be a member of one of the study associations: all you need to do is decide what outdoor activity suits you best and which topics you are interested in talking about with a fellow student. Once you have filled this out in our sign-up sheet, you will be added to the pool of students of the week; every Friday, the matches will be made. You will receive a message with information about your match, and then you’re all set to meet up with them!

What can I do with my match?
Once you are introduced to each other, you will know what activity you were matched on. Send your match a message to pick a time and place, and you’re all good to go! Grab some coffee, tea or hot chocolate to-go at a cafe in Delft, and go for a walking tour of the beautiful city center. Or meet up at EEMCS and go for a biking tour of the campus and surrounding areas. Are you nervous or anxious about meeting up? Feel free to contact the study advisors if you have any questions or want to share your concerns.

How will my personal data be looked after?
All the data you enter will be handled according to the Dutch privacy laws. We have indicated in the form which parts will be shared with your match, and which will not. The data you enter in the sign-up sheet will be kept no longer than two weeks, and will only be handled by the study advisors and designated board members of the study associations. You can retract your submission and delete your data at any time by emailing to: community-EEMCS@tudelft.nl

For more information, send us an e-mail!

EEMCS academic counsellor, Nadia Palliser


What students say

'' We ended up going for a nice run on Monday after lectures. We will probably play some tennis this weekend as well, so it was a perfect match. Looking forward to the next round!''

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