During most Master programmes at 3mE an internship is optional.

Bachelor students

The BSc programmes of 3mE do not include an internship.

Internship during your Master programme

Most Master programmes at 3mE include an option for an Internship, which can be done at a domestic of foreign organisation or university. Please have a look at the general ‘Internship’ page for the required forms. Contact your Master coordinator to explore the opportunities. The International Office can help you with the practical matters after your acceptance at your internship organisation.

Technical Medicine MSc students

The second year of the Master Technical Medicine (TM) consists of 4 clinical internships of 10 weeks each, the so called TM2-intersnhips. The goal of these internships is to position students in an intensive way in the work field and experience their own role in this work environment. During these internships students obtain clinically required skills and work on a medical technical research project. More information about these internships can be found on Study Guide and questions can be asked at

The third year of the Master Technical Medicine (TM) is the graduation year with the MSc thesis as major project. Before starting this final project students will have the option to do a “Practical internship” of 15 EC. The main aim of this internship is to give students the option to experience a different work environment of choice, for example to work at a company, to study abroad or to gain clinical experience at a healthcare institution. More information about these internships can be found on Study Guide and questions can be asked at

Finding an internship

AIESEC and IAESTE are organisations that can help you find an international internship. AIESEC is a worldwide organisation with a large international netwerks run by students and offers professional internships and volunteer projects. IAESTE is a worldwide network that offers you paid technical internships abroad, they also facilitate support with things like housing and documentation. There are also numerous commercial internship mediator companies that can help. You will not be awarded with ECTS by the TU Delft for these internships.


There are scholarships available for students that do an international internship. Students who go abroad within Europe can use an Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant. For students going outside the EU/EEA (including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and not the country of origin, the Holland Scholarship is available. Have a look at the ‘Funding & Scholarships’ page, at ScholarshipPortal and at WilWeg to see for which scholarships you qualify or contact the International Office 3mE.

Unfortunately the International Office 3mE has no Internship Office. If you want to do an Internship you have to organise this yourself. We are happy to help you and provide you with a checklist to find your way in finding and arranging an internship.

This checklist consists of 4 parts: Orientation, Preparations, During internship and Completion. You will be guided through each part by completing a number of steps on this site. The checklist is also available in this brief document.

We are glad to help you to broaden your horizon and guide you to find an internship.

Check your study plan (with MSc coordinator)

Check if an internship has any influence on the duration of your study and make sure you do not delay your study plan with major consequences concerning;

  • Graduation planning
  • Finances/tuition fees
  • Momi / Visa
  • Housing


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Find a subject

Determine the direction in which you want to specialize and gain more experience by pursuing an internship.


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Check internship criteria

Know what the study goals of your internship are before contacting any external parties.


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Find a supervisor

Look at your network and those of your professors and master coordinator for relevant contacts and assignments.


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CV and motivation letter

Visit the TU Delft career centre for tips on composing your CV and motivation letter when you are going to apply for an internship.


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Now that you have completed the orientation part, it is time to prepare your internship for which you have to take the following step:

Internship Application Form

Fill in and sign the 3mE Internship application form. This form needs to be signed by the three parties involved; you, your master coordinator (on behalf of your supervisor) and the company supervisor.

Visit student portal student forms- internships to find this form.


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Contract criteria

Inform the internship organisation about the TU Delft internship criteria and read the guidelines internship contracts.

Visit the student portal student to find these criteria and guidelines.


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Internship contract

Be aware that the TU Delft and the faculty of 3mE will not co-sign any internship contract. The only form that the faculty will co-sign is the 3mE Internship application form.

You yourself can sign a two party’s internship contract with the internship organisation. We advise you to look carefully at the contract conditions and discuss with your supervisor if the conditions such as financial and Intelligent properties and confidentiality penalties are in relation to the work you will be doing there.


Applicable to:  
Arrange practical matters you are going abroad for your internship, you can contact the 3mE international office for practical information on scholarships, vaccinations refund, OV compensation, and official letters for visa application.

Make use of the official open walk-in hours or make an appointment online.

Register in MyTUDelft 

When you decide to study abroad, you are required to register your contact information (stay abroad, (temporary) address, contact abroad) in MyTUDelft, prior to your departure. When you do not have all the information yet or in case of change, you can always change the data later.

At ‘purpose of stay’, you need to fill in ‘Internship’. You can find information about the mandatory central registration of contact information in MyTUDelft here.

Scholarships for abroad 

Check whether you are eligible for a grant.

  1. EU internships: you can apply for the Erasmus Internship Grant. Application forms you can ask for at the international office 3mE by sending an e-mail to

    • The International Office 3mE will sing this on behalf of the sending institute.

  2. Non-EU internships: You can apply for the International Internship Fund trough MyTUDelft.

    • The International Office 3mE will sing this on behalf of the sending institute

Safety, Insurance & Vaccinations 

Visit the TU Delft website on Safety, Insurance and Vaccination for all necessary information when going abroad.


Visit the website of the Dutch government with travel advice and check the safety code of the country you are going to. We recommend following a TU Delft Travel Safety Training when you go abroad for studies or internship. The training is obliged for students who go to areas with safety code orange


TU Delft reimburses €50,- for each trip if the vaccinations are done at the SGZ. Please check the TU Delft webpage and find the application form here.


Check if you need a visa and/or your visa is valid abroad. For Non-EU student, check the work conditions of your Dutch visa.

OV refund 

Only applicable to Dutch / EU Nationals with a study grant from the Dutch Government can apply for a public transport compensation at the DUO. Download the form at, fill in and go to the International Office 3ME for a signature and stamp of the University.

Cultural Differences  

Before you go abroad, we also recommend studying the culture of the country you are visiting, for example by taking a language course or the safe and secure travel training.

Please visit and for additional information and practical arrangements. 
Bring with you your emergency number and insurance numbers.
More information can be found via

Subletting your room? 

When you are planning to sublet your room during your stay abroad, check with the owner if this is possible.

You can visit* where people who are subletting a room and people that are searching for a room are brought together.
More information on subletting or finding a room elsewhere you can visit this page.

* TU Delft is not responsible for use of this website. Use of the website is free and is only used by students (no intermediaries).

During your internship it is important to stay in touch with your TU Delft supervisor. The following steps will help you on your way.

Matters concerning your stay

Check whether you need to register yourself at the municipality you will live during your internship.


Applicable to:  
Making changes

When you have arrived, in some cases, there might be some minor changes to your project or internship assignment or the duration of your stay abroad. 
Check on a regular basis if you have made any changes and communicate these with your TU Delft supervisor and scholarship organisation.


Applicable to:  
Check internship criteria for TU Delft and Scholarship

Know what you have to present in the end to both supervisors and the scholarship organisations and know what their criteria and what deadlines are.


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Stay enrolled at TU Delft

Make sure you stay enrolled (studielink) at the TU Delft while abroad and pay TU Delft tuition fee.


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Plan ahead

Plan ahead for your return and do not forget to register for courses or exams while on your internship (abroad).


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Stay up-to-date

Do not miss important information and check your student mail on a regular base.


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Know to find medical aid

Know how to find a doctor when needed and what you need to bring with you when visiting medical aid. Make sure you have all relevant emergency numbers (health insurance, liability insurance, TU Delft travel insurance) with you while travelling abroad.


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To complete your internship you should take the following steps:

Final report

Make sure you have the necessary filled in and signed evaluation forms back from your internship organisation.


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Receive ECTS in MyTUDelft

Hand in your final report and the internship evaluation forms to your TU Delft supervisor. When assessed with a V (pass) the supervisor will publish this in MyTUDelft and you will receive the ECTS for your internship.


Applicable to:  
Inform scholarship

When you receive a scholarship, make sure you hand in the necessary evaluation and proof of your ECTS in MyTUDelft of the internship. 
After this, you have finished the scholarship application.


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