Part 2: Application

Now that you have completed the orientation part of the exchange process, it is time for your application for which you have to take the following steps.

Enroll for the ‘International Office 3mE’ Brightspace course

The complete application process will go through Brightspace. Here you can fill in the application form and submit all the necessary documents. The international office 3me also uses Brightspace for communication to their students. Go to the Brightspace Catalog, search for ‘International Office 3mE’ and enroll for the course.

Selection criteria exchange

The International Office allocates each exchange placement by means of a selection. This means that there is no guarantee you will get any of your first choices as the demand among your fellow students might be very high.

The selection is based on:

  • Motivation letter (ENG)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • GPA
  • Requirements given by the host university
  • Proposed study plan (if required)
Availability university placements

Check the International Office Brightspace course for the latest guiding update of the partner university document to see the number of exchange placements per university.

You can apply for your top 3 of non-EU placements before December 10, 2020.  If you have not been selected for a non-EU placement you can join the selection round for an EU placement by sending in a new top 3 before January 15, 2020. Global E3 is treated as a non-EU placement. Switzerland and the UK are treated as EU placements.

Visit the website of the guest university and inform yourself about their admission requirements and application deadlines.

Preparing required exchange documents

For your exchange application it is needed to hand in the following documents (all written in English) in the correct form, on Brightspace.

Curriculum Vitae


Latest update of your CV

Motivation letter


Directed to the International Office 3mE to motivate your first choice university, in English.


You should write a few lines confirming you have giving thought about your study goals abroad and the financial consequences of studying abroad.



Available at the Service Desk. If you are a Master Student, please add two GPA lists: one of your Bachelor and one of your Master Degree.

Study Programme at Host university


Hand in your study programme at your preferred university explained in Orientation.

Study plan to meet the requirements (if applicable)


In case you have not earned all the ECTS of the propedeuse for the EU deadline of the 15th of January, include a Study plan, to show how you will catch up before the end of Q2.

Leftover placements

Find the list of leftover placements on our Brightspace page. This document will be updated regularly.
You can apply for a leftover placement by sending an email to the international office 3mE.
A 'first come, first serve' principle is in place. Please do consider the application deadlines of our partner universities.
Find the list of leftover placements on our Brightspace page. This document will be updated regularly.