Part 4: Preparations

Besides the administration for the application and selection of the exchange, several steps have to be taken before you start your exchange.

TU Delft travel insurance

It is obligatory to register for a travel insurance provided by the TU Delft. Registration is free and done via Osiris under ‘Abroad’. This is not a full travel insurance, it is recommended to choose a personal travel insurance as well.

Travel Safety Training

When visiting an area denoted ‘orange’ by the Dutch Government, a Travel Safety Training is mandatory. The training is also free and very useful for students who go somewhere else.


You have to check whether you need vaccinations at your destination yourself. If so, you can be vaccinated with a reduction of €50,- by the SGZ. To do so, fill in the ‘Vaccinations Form’, and have it signed by International Office 3mE. Check your own health insurances, some also provide this option.


Check if your destination requires a visa. You can request a visa using the letter of acceptance of the host university. Be aware, this usually takes a long time.

Public transport compensation

As you will not be using your OV-chipcard, you can get compensation for the public transport abroad. This is a fixed amount per month. The application is done via the website of DUO


Numerous scholarships are provided by the EU, the government, the TU Delft and private funds. Erasmus+ is available for exchanges inside Europe, while Holland Scholarship and STIR are available for exchanges outside Europe.


After you have informed International Office 3mE about your acceptance by the host university, you will receive the application form by email. After having it signed by International Office 3mE during a walk-in hour, it has to be send to at least six weeks before the start of the exchange.

Other scholarships

Have a look at the ‘Funding & Scholarships’ page, at ScholarshipPortal and at WilWeg to see for which scholarships you qualify.

Questions? Contact International Office 3mE or come at the walk-in hours.