Part 5: During & After

Sometimes there is a need for unforeseen changes. Afterwards, your grades will be transcripted and a report has to be made.


  • Inform International Office 3mE if you have any difficulties at the Partner University.
  • Inform the International Office 3mE and the Erasmus Scholarship if you return earlier than expected. This will influence both your scholarship and financial obligations.
  • Apply for your transcript of records at the host university after finishing all your exams.
  • Apply for the courses you will take the next semester at the TU Delft via Osiris, just like all other students.


  • Make sure the transcript of records is sent to International Office 3mE.
  • Check your obligations for scholarship. This will mostly include that you need to finish the forms, reports and language test.
  • Send your report, made using this template, to International Office 3mE. Upload your report on the International Office brightspace under testimonial.
  • Help and inform future exchange students by email and during information meetings.