I want to do my Minor abroad. Where do I start?

This is possible, please have a look at the ‘Exchange’ pages. There you can find the possible universities and student experiences.

Is it possible to go on exchange to an university which isn't a partner university of 3mE?

You can only go on exchange to a partner university. If there is no agreement between the two universities you can ask the international office of 3mE if an agreement can be started. This may take a couple of months and we only have partner agreements with universities which are a good match with 3mE and vice versa. So if you want to accomplish this, you should start early.

Where can I find information about the courses and the academic year at a partner university?

Most universities publish this information on their website and they will send you an email with this information once you have been selected.

I want to do my graduation project abroad, how do I arrange this?

Graduation projects are projects of individual teachers and professors. You can read more about this on Graduation Guide (link naar document). International Office 3mE can help you with a scholarship, visa and vaccinations.

I wish to do my whole MSc abroad, how can I arrange this?

This is possible, but you will have to arrange this yourself. Of course you can use the information we provide to look for the place you want to go to.

Are there scholarships and grants for internships and studying abroad?

There are different scholarships and grants for internships, studying and graduating. Check ‘Preparations’ for more information.

I’m a Clinical Technology student. What are my options to go abroad?

In the BSc. of Clinical Technology, students have the following 2 options:

  1. A free minor/exchange for 30 ECTS or more to follow courses abroad. Check the ‘Exchange’ procedure of the International Office 3mE and check the requirements for a ‘Vrije minor WB/MT’ (Dutch).
  2. A minor for 15 ECTS offered by Erasmus MC. Check the Minor opportunities of Clinical Technology for more information.

During the second year of the MSc. Technical Medicine, students also have the opportunities to go abroad, check ‘Internships’ for more information.