Determining examination results

The examination results for Bachelor's exams are determined by the Board of Examiners on the first Monday of each month. The student’s degree programme of is checked and the student is informed of the result within a week or so. The degree certificate is issued at a later date.
MSc exams are taken individually*. The Board of Examiners has delegated this task to a thesis committee specially convened for the exam, while still running a check on the completed degree programme.

*Except for TM.

You will be nominated for the Bachelor exam or the Technical Medicine Master Degree Audit when you have satisfied the criteria stipulated in the pass-and-fail rules in the Rules & Guidelines of the Board of Examiners (RGBE).

Once every month, the Student Programme Administration (SPA) checks if there are students who are eligible to be nominated. They inform those students via e-mail. If they do not receive a response, the student will automatically be nominated for graduation in the next exam result session. A student can also apply pro-actively. Please refer to Art. 9 and 31 of the RGBE for more information.

For Bachelor's exams: applications must be sent to at least 20 working days prior to the first Monday of each month. 

The application form can be found here.

For Master's exams: see the procedure for MSc Programmes & Graduation 3mE.