The Board of Examiners can grant an exemption for written or practical examinations. Granted exemptions do not have a grade; instead, they appear as ‘VR’ in MyTUDelft.

Please note: exemptions do not count towards the binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA) and the weighted average.

Bachelor students cannot apply for exemptions for Minor courses.
Master students cannot apply for exemptions for elective courses or obligatory courses with variable content (e.g. internship or thesis project).

Article 26 of the RGBE states the maximum amount of exemptions in ECTS and Art. 30 the maximum amount if you want to be eligible for a cum laude predicate.

The Board of Examiners can decide to grant an exemption if:

  1. the student has passed a similar examination (in terms of content, level and study load) in higher education before the start of the current study programme and
  2. the student was enrolled in the programme of which the exam was a part.

- the student has proof of the result (e.g. transcript, diploma supplement);
- the study guide of both programmes demonstrate comparable learning goals and study load.
- Results from previous Bachelor courses can lead to exemptions for Bachelor courses, not for Master courses (and results for Master courses cannot lead to exemption for Bachelor courses).

To apply for exemption, you must complete the exemption request form, which is available on the student forms page.

·         State on the form:

  • which exam you wish to be exempted from and why;
  • which previous exam warrants the exemption
    • Attach supporting documents (descriptions of both courses incl. the learning objectives, any certificates, a certified transcript of records).
    • Send the form and supporting documents to the examiner who teaches the course for which you are applying for exemption.
    • Ask the examiner to add his/her advice and to sign the form.
    • Then send the signed form and the supporting documents in PDF format to the Board of Examiners: boardofexaminers-3mE@tudelft.nl.

If the Board of Examiners approves your application, the Board will inform you and SPA-3mE of its decision and, in due course, the exemption will appear as VR in MyTUDelft.

NB: Incomplete applications will not be considered.