Individual Double Master's Degree

TU Delft offers Master’s students the opportunity to compile an Individual Double Master's Degree programme (IDD). At 3mE, an IDD is a combination of two complementary master study programmes. The students gain knowledge in the first year of each study programme and a joint final year culminates in an interdisciplinary thesis project.

An IDD needs to be approved by the Board of Examiners.  

The Math
Each separate Master study programme must comprise a minimum of 120 ECTS credits. Of these 120 ECTS per MSc programme, at least 60 ECTS need to be unique, while 60 ECTS in joint courses count towards both study programmes.
So, 60 unique ECTS for MSc 1 + 60 unique ECTS for MSc 2+ 60 joint ECTS result in a complete IDD programme of at least 180 ECTS *.
You can find examples of the distribution of credits in the IDD FAQ.

Criteria set by the Board of Examiners 3mE and KT/TM
A 3mE IDD allows you to combine the final year of two master programmes: students complete the first year of both study programmes and the study programme of the final year consists of joint courses. That is why it is important that the two study programmes:
- have a similar structure and distribution of ECTS in the second year;
- have some common ground regarding subject matter, but not too many similarities, i.e. no overlap in the first year.
As a result, there are limited options for combining study programmes.

Integrating the final year
All the courses of the final year (e.g. literature study, internship, colloquia, thesis) are joint courses. The student chooses the structure of one of the two study programmes and records this on the application form (see FAQ).

The graduation project is a combination of both study programmes. In the joint thesis the chapters or sections must be attributed to one of the study programmes. There is one thesis defence for both study programmes.

Combining two 3mE master programmes
Most 3mE master programmes can be combined. The following combinations are not possible because the programmes have too many similarities:
- BME with ME-BMD (Biomechanical Design);
- BME with TM;
- ODE with MT-SOS (Ship and Offshore Structures);
- ME-MME (Multi-Machine Engineering) with TIL (Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics). This is a joint MSc by CEG, 3mE & TPM). MME used to be TEL:  Transport & Logistics;
- BMD 2020-2021 with COR

IDD with a master from another TUD faculty
Combining a 3mE master programme with a Master programme from another TUD faculty in an IDD is often not possible because the integration of the final year is not possible, or because there is too much overlap in the subject matter of the programmes. Also, for a 3mE IDD, the size of the master thesis project should be at least 35 EC and at most 45 EC. 

If your IDD is approved, you enrol yourself in both programmes for the duration of the double degree. You pay the tuition fee for one master programme. If the tuition fees for the programmes differ, you will have to pay the highest tuition fee. 

* There is an exception for the Technical Medicine programme: because this is a 3-year Master, the required amount of unique ECTS for the TM study programme is at least 120. Consequently, the size of an IDD with Technical Medicine is at least 240 ECTS (120 unique + 60 unique + 60 joint ECTS).

Consult the Master's/track coordinators of both programmes before you submit your application. What is their view of the common ground/similarities between both study programmes?
If your proposed IDD is with the master programme of another TUD faculty, then start by comparing the structure of the second year (see ‘how does it work’ and IDD faq).

Send your application to the Board of Examiners before or at the start of your master programme. If you did not start both programmes simultaneously, then send it before you start with the second study programme.
If you have started the courses of the final year, you can no longer apply for an IDD.

The Form
Fill in the form according to the description in the IDD FAQ. You can find further explanation about the procedure on the form itself.

The request must include a PDF containing:

  • the application form for an Individual Double Degree (tabs 2 and 5), which can be found via the master forms page.
  • For the 3mE Board of Examiners, a letter of motivation is not required, unless your master coordinator asks you to write one.
    For the Board of Examiners of TM, a supporting letter explaining why you want to do this IDD, and demonstrating the complementary aspects of the Double Degree is required.
  • Also include your ISP form (form 2 Master program)

Processing the request
If the Board of Examiners approves the request, the secretary of the Board of Examiners will send it to the other Board of Examiners for approval. You can find more information about the rest of the processing procedure on the ‘proces’ tab of the application form.


Please note: An extended period for reply applies during academic holidays. (See the Rules and Guidelines of the Board of Examiners, RGBE).