Request late registration for written examination

If a student is unable to register for an examination in time, due to circumstances beyond their control, the Board of Examiners may permit the student to participate in the examination. (Article 13.3 TER)

Now that examinations are taking place online, a student cannot show up for an exam hoping that there is a spot available. No registration means no exam.

Only when a student is prevented by circumstances beyond their control, can they be deemed eligible. Serious and exceptional personal circumstances such as: family circumstances of a certain severity, serious illness, loss of housing through fire, administrative issues e.g., serious malfunction of the exam registration system.
Since most of these circumstances are so serious, we recommend students to consider taking the resit. You can ask a student counsellor for advice.

When a student has not registered in time because of a mistake or forgetfulness, they are not eligible for an exception. In such cases, there is no use in applying. Circumstances related to Covid-19 are also not considered, unless they fall under aforementioned family circumstances. The TU Delft offers 2 exams per year to allow students to complete their studies without delay. It is to be expected that, during their studies, students sometimes miss a train, have the flu or make a mistake in their registration. The second exam opportunity is provided as a backup for such circumstances. 

Up to 3 working days before the exam a student can send a request to
the request contains: student name and number, name of study programme, course code and name, name of teacher and the date and time of the exam. Explain the circumstances clearly, briefly and add relevant proof.

Since the request is urgent, this should be mentioned in the subject of the message.

This text may be copied and used as a template:

Subject message: URGENT request late registration exam for [date]

Request for late registration examination

Student number:
Study programme:
Course code:
Course name:
Name teacher:
Date /time exam:
Cause of force majeure:

Please take into account: There is no guarantee that requests can be processed in time for the exam. Participation in the exam may no longer be possible for technical reasons.