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How can you reach us during summer?

From 20 July until 16 August the academic counsellors have no open office hours by telephone. However, you can still reach us by mail, or make an appointment in our online tool. The appointments still take place via Skype, telephone, Zoom or Teams. Please note what you prefer. Regular open office hours (by telephone) will resume as of 17 August.


Dear students,

Due to the Corona-virus the 3mE academic counsellors will be working at home. What does that mean for you?

  • From Monday till Friday there will be a phone consultation hour between 09.00-10.00 a.m and between 12.30-13.30 p.m.
  • There will be no walk-in hours.
  • You can still make an appointment, but we will contact you through Skype or phone. When you book an appointment, please write down your Skype-name and/or phone number.
  • You can still contact us through email:


 We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If the situation changes, we will let you know as soon as possible!

 Kind regards,
Lourdes, Evert, Pauline, Elisa en Peggy (Academic counsellors 3mE)

The academic counsellors can advise you on both personal and study related matters. Because of our independent position, you can speak to us confidentially on all sorts of subjects. Please consult this webpage to find out more about our work and counselling at the faculty of 3ME.

Both during walk-in hours and when you have booked an appointment, you can find us at the Education and Student Services department (A1, first floor above the main entrance). Please take a seat at the waiting table; we will meet you there.

Open hours

Both the phone consultation hour and the walk-in hour are meant for short questions. During an open hour, a counsellor can take roughly 10 minutes to answer your questions.

Do you need more time, for example because you would like to discuss personal circumstances or a detailed study schedule, please book an individual appointment. If it turns out during an open hour that you may need more time, the counsellor can propose to make an appointment for a later moment.

Please consult this webpage before contacting us. Your contact with a counsellor is also confidential during open hours.

Individual appointments

Appointments are meant to discuss subjects that require a bit more time, such as personal circumstances or drawing up a detailed study schedule. You can book an appointment yourself via our online agenda. During an appointment, a counsellor can take roughly 30 minutes to speak to you. Of course, you can have one or more follow-up meetings after that.
If you have only a short question, we would like to ask you to use an open hour or send an e-mail. That way, a student who does require a bit more help, can book their appointment for an earlier moment.

Academic Counsellors

Evert Vixseboxse

Peggy Eskikiliç

Lourdes Gallastegui

Pauline van der Sman

Tineke Dijkstra