Staff members ESA 3mE

The department E&SA 3mE arranges everything surrounding education, but does not directly teach to students. In this department students and staff ask about for example graduation cases, timetables, lists of participants, information about studying abroad and study advice.

If you have questions you can contact our secretariat. The department E&SE is located in the 3mE-building:

Mekelweg 2
2628 CD Delft
Location: A-1 (1st floor)
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Secretariat 3mE

Department Head E&SA

Programme coordination

Dr. Sabrina van de Velde

Onderwijscoördinator 3mE

Barbara Rohani-de Gruijter, MSc

Onderwijscoördinator 3mE

Mark Goossens

Coördinator studentenwerkplaatsen

Esther Kroes-de Booij

Onderwijscoördinator 3mE

Ir. Linda van der Hout

Onderwijscoördinator 3mE

Elisa Fuhrmann, MA

Onderwijscoördinator 3mE

Nelie-Roos Hamelinck, B.Tr.

Programmamanager KT-TM

Academic Counsellors

Drs. Peggy Eskikiliç-Jong

Drs. Evert Vixseboxse

Drs. Lourdes Gallastegui Pujana

Solange Quandus, MSc

Benjamin Jansen, MSc

Secretary of the Boards of Examiners

Inge Grootjans

Om de commissie te bereiken / To contact the board, please

Quality Assurance

Drs. Linette Bossen

Onderwijskundig adviseur, onderwijsinnovatie & blended onderwijs

Drs. Maud van Dijke

Onderwijskundig- en Toetsadviseur

Merel Piekaar

(Blended) Learning Developer, onderwijsinnovatie & tooling support

Rory Granleese


Drs. Mireille Snels

Onderwijskundig adviseur

Leontien Schliekelmann

Student Mentoring & Community Building

International Office