Board of Examiners

Students with questions to the Board of Examiners of the Faculty of Architecture can contact them using the following  e-mail address:

The Board of Examiners judges applications with references to examinations and special requests with reference to a student’s education program in de Bachelor and Master education at the Faculty of Architecture. The Board of Examiners looks into questions, problems and applications of evaluations (peilingen), exemptions, minors, Accreditation of academic achievements abroad, graduation, certificates of incorporation.

The different application forms can be downloaded here.

The composition of the Board of Examiners is as follows:

  • Prof.dr. P.J. Boelhouwer (chairman)
  • Ir. C.M. Calis
  • Ir. E. Verbree
  • Dr. R.M.J. Bokel
  • S. Zijlstra
  • U.D. Hackauf
  • Dr. M.T.A. van Thoor
  • Ir. E.J.J. van Breemen (external)

Secretary: Ing. H.A.J. Ootes 

The secretariat of the Board of Examiners can be reached through the Secretariat of Education and Student Affairs, Mrs. J. van Os, phone: 015-278 4252.

All correspondence with the Board of Examiners should be sent to the secretariat of the Examination Board, e-mail: