Faculty Student Council

Faculty Student Council

What is the FSR?

In the Netherlands, all students have the right to have a say on their education. This right is protected by law (Article 9.37 WHW) and is carried out by the FSR (Facultaire StudentenRaad or Faculty Student Council). The FSR’s most important rights are the right of consent, the advisory right and the right of initiative. These rights allow the FSR to influence the faculty’s policy-making. On some matters the FSR’s consent must be given before the faculty can take action. This goes mainly for proposed changes in education. On other issues, the FSR has the right to give advice. This advice must then be taken into account by the faculty. The FSR also has the right to put its own initiatives on the faculty’s agenda. Through these rights, the FSR strives to protect, monitor and improve the quality of education in the faculty and the position of its student.

Who are we?

The FSR consists of nine students who are elected each academic year in May. Every willing architecture student may stand for election. As a group the FSR officially represents all students of the Faculty of Architecture.
There are different positions within the FSR and each position consults with various key figures within the faculty’s management. The FSR has a weekly meeting in which the council’s ongoing matters are discussed. Every six weeks, the FSR, the dean and other key management figures of the faculty gather in the so-called ‘dean meeting’. The FSR also cooperates with student councils from other faculties, the university’s Central Student Council (Oras and List Beta), and with the faculty’s study associations Stylos, Argus, BOSS, Polis, BouT and Forum.

What does the FSR do?

The FSR engages in a variety of cases, ranging from short-term problems (such as issues with a specific subject) to long-running operations (such as monitoring the quality of the faculty’s education). Throughout the year, the FSR strives to collect as much input as possible by organizing events such as input lunches. This way, problems are recognized, analyzed and solved in cooperation with the students themselves.

How do you contact us?

The FSR’s office is located in the faculty’s main hall, next to D.B.S.G. Stylos and @Hok. There is an open hour every Wednesday from 12:45 to 13:45 (lunch break). During this open hour, you can ask all your questions, offer your suggestions or complaints concerning the faculty and its education.

You can also find us on Facebook, FSR Bouwkunde, or on Instagram: @fsrarchitecture. Follow us to stay up-to-date and to make sure you can easily send us a message! Of course, you can always send us an e-mail as well: FSR-BK@tudelft.nl.

The members of the FSR 2018-2019:

  • Yasmine Ouibrahim (Chairwoman)
  • Matthijs Witting (Secretary)
  • Maaike Waaldijk (Master Education & Official)
  • Charlotte Boersma (Master Education)
  • Bill Iliopoulos (Master Education)
  • Nona Dalman (Bachelor Education)
  • Joren Jans (Bachelor Education)
  • Anouk Jansen (Bachelor Education and Promotion)
  • Mees Paanakker (Building & Facilities)