Enrolment and unenrolment education


Enrolment for education takes place twice a year in specific periods. Enrolment is compulsory to be able to participate in educational activities. Each student is obliged to enrol for the upcoming semester halfway the second quarter of the current semester. Bachelor 1 students please pay attention: you are obliged to enrol for Bachelor 2 to be able to start with semester 2 in the spring semester (the enrolment for education is independent of your enrolment at Delft University of Technology via Studielink). Also International Master students have to enrol as of Master 2 for courses themselves. Please note that besides enrolling for education you also have to enrol for the exams separately. Before the start of the new semester, the faculty will check whether you meet the admission requirements. 

Enrolment for education in autumn semester 2022

MSc3 Explore Lab

In the coming semester - Fall 2022-2023 - one MSc3/graduation studio with a selection procedure is offered: MSc3 Explore Lab. Explore Lab is only for students within the Master track Architecture who have a strong fascination for a specific topic which is not dealt with in another MSc3/graduation studio. If you would like to participate in Explore Lab in the coming semester, you will have to do the following:

  • Enroll for Explore Lab from 28th of March – 1st of April 2022 in BIS.
  • Send an email to Explore Lab coordinator Roel van de Pas  with the request to register for a date and time slot for a selection interview. Please note that you can only request for an interview after enrolling in BIS!
  • The selection interviews will be in person and take place on Tuesday April 19th, Thursday April 21st and Friday April 22nd 2022. Locations will be announced later. During the selection interview you will have to:
  1. explain what your strong fascination is and why
  2. how this might lead to a (or some) research question(s)
  3. how this might lead to a design project

You will be informed prior to the start of the enrolment period for the Architecture MSc3/graduation studios whether you are selected or not.


Enrolment period for all Bachelor and Master courses/studios

From Monday 9 May 11:00 up to and including Friday 20 May 24:00 (midnight).

You can enrol for education by means of the enrolment system called BIS (Bouwkunde Inteken Systeem). To enter BIS click here. In the enrolment system you can enrol for the study programme of your preference for next semester. Changing your study programme after closure of the enrolment system is not possible. 


Specific information about enrolment for Master courses

  • Most MSc2 studios and Master electives, have a maximum number of participants. You can only enrol for these courses, as long as the maximum capacity of students has not been reached yet. When the maximum of a course has been reached this means you have to enrol for an alternative course. Therefore, it is important to think of the alternative courses of your preference, before you start to enrol for courses with a maximum capacity. So in case the course of your first choice is full, you can immediately enrol for one of your alternative.
  • Exchange students who have already selected a programme, cannot change this programme. From an organisational point of view, it is not possible to switch between programmes and it is not possible to add components to a programme already selected.
  • International Master students (who attend the complete Master track) are not allowed to change tracks.

For questions you can send an email to: Intekenen-bk@tudelft.nl.

MSc1 and MSc3 Architecture studio (note this only applies to the Architecture variant)

When you register in BIS, you select your first choice within MSc1 and MSc3 studios. Then you are asked to select a second and third choice.

Education & Student Affairs will try to place students on their first or second choice as much as possible.

If there are more registrations for an MSc1 or MSC3 studio than available places, Education and Student Affairs will decide by drawing lots which students will be placed in that particular studio.

If you are placed in your 3rd choice, we will register this. You will then be given as much priority as possible during the next registration procedure. You will also be asked by Education and Student Affairs whether you wish to be placed on a waiting list for your first or second choice. If places become available, a draw will take place with the names on this waiting list.

Students will be informed of the Project or Studio for which they have been placed by 15 June 2022 at the latest.


When during or after the enrolment period you decide not to participate in a course you enrolled for you should unenrol yourself. Log into BIS and then choose 'unenrol' in the menu. Please note that in order to organise the education in an efficient and effective way it is important that the number of enrolments for a course is correct. So please do not forget to unenrol when you won't participate in a course after all and inform the course coordinator.


For questions, please email: Intekenen-bk@tudelft.nl

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