Student Exchange

Expand your world, explore new cultures, enlarge your worldview! That and more is Study Abroad!

Did you know you can follow your minor or MSc electives at a partner university abroad? Explore the options you have on this website! 

Studying at a university abroad gives you the opportunity to study different courses, to get to know other cultures and learn new approaches on design methodologies.

Which steps do I take?

  • First, check out general information about going on an exchange under 'What is exchange'
  • Then, consult the procedures and deadlines page to find information regarding the complete timeline for the exchange period, from application to the return. 
  • Do you want to participate in a summer school, or are you looking for other options abroad? check the short stay- webpage. 

Please know that you should apply well in advance, so be sure to start planning as soon as possible!

Partner Universities

Our partner universities are universities with whom we have an agreement, and you can go on exchange to! Check out the list as the images on the right, which can be found under Forms & Downloads. This partner-overview is the most up-to-date partnerlist!

For more info, check out the partner universities below. If you click on the country tiles, you can see the partner universities, find extra info per university and a link to the webpage of the partner university. We are always working on new agreements, so the website and list might change during the year.

If you have a GPA around 7,0 and completed propaedeutic year in one year (P-in-1) (For BSc applicants), you have other options to go abroad through application in the Global E3 program. For more info, visit Global-E3.  

Browse partner universities per country