Application at TU Delft

Application deadline

Deadline first round: 15th December, 4 p.m. (exchange in Autumn or spring of the next academic year)
Deadline second round: 1st June 2020, 4 p.m. (exchange in Spring of the next academic year, only places which were not filled during the first round)

If the due date falls on a public holiday or  week-end, the deadline will move to the next working day.

Application process

To apply for an exchange semester, you should apply at the faculty first. The faculty will decide which students are selected for which universities.

To apply, send an email with as title ‘Application exchange semester 2’ and the following attachments to

1.       Excelfile: Download & fill, You can find it here: forms and downloads)

2.       PDF file: The application document (max size 20 MB)

Application documents

The application document (max size 20 MB) should be in this order:

Resumé (CV)

Find attractive examples online and present yourself and your capacities in the Resumé! Of course the resumé should include your full name and contact information.

Motivation Letter

Your motivation letter should be written in English. Please remember that usually less is more! Make sure your letter is not longer than 1 A4 in an easy to read font and size. You can write in your letter why you would like to go abroad (study, personal reasons, etc.), why you are the person to go to the university of your first choice. Please prepare a letter for your first choice, but mention in the last paragraph why you would like to go to the other choices if you are not selected for your first choice.

Portfolio (if applicable)

On the overview with available exchange places you can find if you need to submit a portfolio for the universities you would like to go to. For the most popular universities we require a portfolio as a means of selection. 

What to include in your portfolio:

  • Include the three most recent design projects you worked on during your studies at our faculty (not more than three, not less!). If you have not finished a third design studio yet, you can choose to include the project you are currently working on (provisional design), or choose another design course to present.
  • The selected examples should contain information about the urban design, the architectural design and the technical design of your project.
  • You should explain what role you played in the realization of the project. Your explanation may give answers to the following questions:
    - Was it a group project or individual work?
    - Where did you get your inspiration for the project?
    - What do you hope to communicate with the finished result?
  • Optional: 1 page at the end of the portfolio for additional information / interests / pictures / photos / ...

The size of the pages should be A4 (portrait or landscape). The number of pages should not exceed 20 A4 size pages.

Transcript of Records (cijferlijst)

You can obtain a ToR's at the Servicedesk. Please ask for a version with the CGPA included if possible and let them sign it.

CGPA (gewogen cijfergemiddelde)

You can ask for a print of you CGPA at the Service desk when you get your Transcript of Records

Proof of language proficiency (optional)

A proof can include a VWO grade list, double language VWO degree (tto) and gade list, TOEFL / IELTS / other language certificates.

We don't accept hardcopy applications (environmental impact!) and incomplete applications will not be processed!

Always fill in several universities as the limited places available mean it will not always be possible to honour your first choice(s). Only if you have a good reason, you can leave one or more choices open (for example: if I’m not selected for one of my first 3 choices, I prefer to study in Delft instead). You can then choose the option "Only interested in previous option(s)" in the online application form. Please note that if we cannot place you in one of your choice, we will only allow you to choose from the available options if you listed 5 options! 

If you are selected for one of your options, we expect you to do your utmost to actually go there!


  • In both selection rounds all students that hand in their applications before the deadlines have equal opportunities.
  • Students are selected on the basis of their full application. It is not possible to submit additional documents after the application.
  • Which semester you choose has no influence on your chances of being selected. You can choose whether you would like to study abroad in either the first or second semester of the following academic year, depending on what fits your study/curriculum best (BSc5 and BSc6 can be swopped!). 

You will be informed within 6-8 weeks after the application deadline by email whether or not you have been selected. There is no point in e-mailing the faculty before this time. 

Because of the limited number of places available at each partner university, it will not always be possible to honour your first choice.