Explore universities

First of all, you need to decide which university you wish to visit. Make your decision well.

  • Look at the list of partner-universities, you can find this on the webpage Forms & Downloads.  
  • Read student Travel Reports (database: partneruniversities.tudelft.nl). Printed versions are also available in a yellow file on the desk of our international office;
  • Check the websites of the different partner universities;
  • Go to the information sessions (Study Abroad Week);
  • Check the semester dates;
  • Learn the language.
  • If you have a GPA around 7,0 and completed propaedeutic year in one year (P-in-1) (For BSc applicants), you have other options to go abroad through application in the Global E3 program. For more info, visit Global-E3.  

On our homepage you can find tiles with the countries where we have partners. If you click on the tiles you will find more information, including the amount of exchange places each year, the level (BSc/MSc), a link to the webpage of the partner university and the language of instruction. We are always working on new agreements, so the website and list might change during the year. The most up-to-date information can be found in our partner overview, which can be found under Forms & Downloads

Admission qualifications

First of all, it is important that you are motivated to go abroad! Things will be different in a foreign country and this requires a proactive, flexible and creative attitude. We are not only looking for the top of the bill students, so no worries if your grades are not that great. Grades are just part of the selection. You can also convince us with your motivation, resumé and portfolio!

Before you leave, you must have a sufficient command of the language in which the courses are taught. For more information on language requirements, please check the website of the partner university. Some universities ask for a language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, ...) at the moment of application at the partner university! Make sure your learn the language in time and apply for a language exam as soon as you know where you will go! For more information about language courses to be taken before your exchange period please go to Languages.

As an exchange student you are an ambassador for your home university and are expected to represent TU Delft and the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment in the best possible way.


A practical requirement is that students who would like to study abroad should be enrolled as a full-time student for the entire exchange period. Meeting the minimum requirements does not mean that students are automatically selected. The final selection will be made by the Faculty’s selection committee. This committee will assess all factors in each file as submitted to them.

Minor – Bachelor 5
At the moment of departure: you must have completed 90 EC from the first two years of the Bachelor’s degree programme.

Master of Science Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences and Geomatics
At the moment of departure: you must have fully completed your Bachelor’s degree programme. You can go on exchange during the semester which fits your track best. 

Autumn or Spring semester?
BSc students

BSc students can choose to go abroad in Autumn or Spring, depending on which semester fits better. You can swop your BSc 5 and 6 if necessary.

MSc exchange as additional semester

If you take the exchange semester as an additional semester, you are free to choose if you like to go in Autumn or Spring semester.

MSc exchange Architecture Spring

We advise Architecture track students to go on exchange during the Spring semester. Then you can follow the regular programme. You start with your MSc1 in Delft in Autumn semester, followed by your MSc2 abroad in Spring semester. You can follow your MSc design studio equivalent to at least 10 EC and your electives abroad. The requirements for the studio can be found on ourr website. Your thesis is a mandatory course at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. You should write it while being abroad or before or after your stay abroad. If you intend to write the thesis while being abroad, contact the coordinator of the course before you leave to make appointments how to receive feedback while being abroad. And of course, don’t forget to deliver your thesis in time (end of 3rd quarter)!

MSc exchange Architecture Autumn

If you wish to study in the Architecture track without facing study delay, we advise against going on exchange during the Autumn semester! However, it is possible, but at your own responsibility. There are some consequences if you go abroad during the 1st semester of the academic year. 
If you go on exchange during the 1st semester of the academic year you should gain 20 to 30 EC at the host university. You should choose at least one design studio equivalent to at least 10 EC. The requirements for the studio can be found on our website. There are some mandatory MSc1 courses which need to be followed at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment: 

  • During your exchange: AR1A061 and AR1A066 – both 5 EC: You can follow both lecture courses online while being abroad. You will have to deliver the papers in time. AR1A061 is a preparation for the graduation year and AR1A066 is a preparation for the thesis. Please contact the coordinators of the courses before you leave, download the readers, find the relevant information on BrightSpace and don't forget to deliver the papers in time.
  • During the semester following the exchange: Upon return you should follow the Building Engineering Studios course (AR1A080) – 10 EC. The credits from this course can be used as elective points in your MSc2. Please mind that this Building Engineering Studios course during the 2nd  semester Q3 is only open to students who went abroad during the 1st semester of the same academic year! 

Again, it is your own responsibility to register for and follow the right courses, to contact the coordinators and to prepare and deliver the assessments.

MSc exchange as part of other tracks

You should have a look at the study programme which semester fits your track best.

Which semester you choose has no influence on your chances of being selected.

Level and type of the courses

Bachelor’s students may only visit universities where at least subjects are taught at Bachelor’s level. Master’s students may only visit universities where at least subjects are taught at Master’s level. You can find the level of the courses offered by the different universities on the  website and list of partner universities.

Deadline application exchange 2020-2021

First round: Monday 16th December 2019, 4 p.m. (exchange in Autumn 2020, or Spring 2021)

Second round: Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 4 p.m. (exchange in Spring 2021, only places which were not filled during the first round)


For information regarding grants and allowances, please check the preparations page.