AR0026 | MEGA

Title: MEGA
Course code:
Offered in:
Spring semester
Project type:
Multidisciplinary (open for students in Architecture, Real Estate & Housing, Building Technology and Civil Engineering)
Approved Master 2 Architecture design project: Yes
Project includes an educational trip / excursion: Yes
Location of educational trip / excursion: The Netherlands
Costs of educational trip / excursion:  
Maximum € 50,-

The course is concerned with the design, computation, engineering, and construction management of a high/large building. It includes multiple disciplines: architectural design, structural design, climate design, façade design, design/construction management and computational design. Topics related to sustainability run transversally across all disciplines. The students work in teams. Each design team is composed by 4 to 7 students and delivers an integrated design. In each team, each student is responsible for one discipline and is tutored by (academic and/or professional) specialists of that discipline. Thereby, usually each team is composed by an architect, a structural designer, a climate designer, an envelope designer, a manager and a computational designer. All contributions converge into an integrated design solution that should perform well according to criteria from all disciplines, from the large scale of the overall design to the small scale of the building-components. Each year, the design assignment is chosen in collaboration with external experts and institutions, and is usually related to a real project. Past examples were in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Heerenveen, Almere, London, Brussels, Guangzhou; focused on sport buildings and high-rise multifunctional buildings; in collaboration with firms and institutions such as Arup, UNStudio, the City of Rotterdam, Almere, the Province of Friesland.

The images exemplify previous work by students. Respectively, two examples of project and related structural design by students in the XXL Workshop 2013 and an example of project by students in the Highrise Workshop 2013. In order: Students: Osama Naji - Architectural Designer; Juan Azcarate Aguerre - Structural Designer; Wenjia Wang – Envelope Designer; Mira Conci - Computational Designer. Students: Xi Guo - Architectural Designer; Feng Liu - Structural Designer; Morris Yang - Envelope Designer; Rafail Gkaidatzis - Comp. Designer; Ioannis Gkikas - Climate Designer. Students: Ayelt van Veen - Architectural Designer; Maarten Mathot – Structural Designer; Steven Roel Gerardus van Eck – Facade Designer; Dennis Woutering – Climate Designer; Evert Jozef Mom – Manager.


For questions please contact the coordinator:
Michela Turrin