AR0052 | Beyond Oil goes Rotterdam, Dunkirk, Napoli

Title: Beyond Oil goes Rotterdam, Dunkirk, Napoli
Course code: AR0052
Offered in: 
Spring semester (Quarter 4)
Project type: 
Approved Master 2 Architecture design project: Yes
Project includes an educational trip / excursion: Yes 
Location of educational trip / excursion: Rotterdam, and Dunkirk or Napoli.
Costs of educational trip / excursion:
Approximately € 300,- for flight and lodging

What happens at the moment oil is depleted and fossil fuels are no longer at our disposal? To answer this question it is imperative that we understand the current impact of the oil industry on our lifestyles and built environment. This impact is well visible in the many ports and oil refineries around the world. But also in our daily lifes oil-based products are all around us, from gas stations to medicines. 

How do we design for a future without our current massive use of fossil fuels? And help reducing global warming? Are we accepting an unwelcome inheritance of abandoned industry, or can we find new uses for the oil-infrastructures? How shall we transform ports for a new future? 

How this is to be done, is up to you to find out through research (into the impact of the oil industry on the political, economic, social and spatial situation of several ports.) The research will serve as bases for new individual design proposals for our ports.
In spring 2019, the studio will work on the ports of Rotterdam, Dunkirk and Napoli. 

Through a combination of lectures, discussions, field trips and design work in studio, the global context of oil in all its aspects and its impact on the 3 port cities, its inhabitants and its future opportunities will be exposed, after which a well informed decision and design can be made on the local solution to the imposed landscape.

The outcome of the group's research and individual design results will be collected into a publication that will be presented to the 3 ports involved in this project, in order to provide them with sensible, potential solutions. 


For questions please contact the coordinator:
Carola Hein