AR0896 | Van Gezel tot Meester

Title: Van Gezel tot Meester
Course code: AR0896
EC: 21
Offered in: Fall / Spring semester
Project type:
Practice-related: internship (only in Dutch!)
Approved Master 2 Architecture design project: Yes
Project includes an educational trip / excursion: No
Location of educational trip / excursion: Not applicable
Costs of educational trip / excursion:  Not applicable

“Design is a skill, which must be learned and practised rather like the playing of a sport or a musical instrument. It is in the very nature of highly developed skills that we can perform them unconsciously. Beginners however must first analyse and practice all the elements of their skill and we should remember that even the most talented or professional golfers of musicians still benefit from lessons all the way through their careers “. Bryan Lawson

Are you interested in:

  • Getting more insight in and applying didactic principles?
  • Teaching the foundation of design to first year students?
  • Examining and demystifying your own design process?
  • Designing within the design task but outside the boundaries?

Didactics in practice
In an internship you will learn the profession of a design teacher under supervision. In a course running parallel you will get more insight in didactics and how to apply this in practice.

Design skills and design process
In a few design challenges the design process will be explicitly explored. Like an athlete training several aspects and the whole on the road to mastership a designer can train his or her design process.

Student work


For questions please contact the coordinators:
Elise van Dooren
Luc Willekens