Academic counsellors

The academic counsellors at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment hold open consultation sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.30 to 13.30. 

On thursday 30th of January the consultation hour will be moved to 11:30-12:30!

New location: BG+ Oost 50/70/90 (in-between floor, walk up the small stairs).

NB: Due to the temporary absence of one of the academic counsellors, the walk-in consultation hour is visited more frequently. It can also take longer before we can respond by e-mail or make an appointment. Thanks for understanding.

If you think that your question will take longer than 10 minutes, please email us at:

Include a brief outline of your question, your name, student number and which semester you are in. Once you have spoken to one of our academic counsellors, it is helpful to see the same counsellor if you have further questions.