What kind of help can a student counsellor give me

If you have any questions or problems that go beyond the scope of the Faculty’s administrative departments, the academic counsellors are the people to ask. Thanks to their independence, they can discuss all kinds of topic in confidence. You can consult them on anything to do with your studies and your living and working circumstances. They will work closely with you, trying to identify study-related problems at an early stage, and helping you to make up for any delays as quickly as possible.

You can always count on their help and advice on the following:
  • General information on the curriculum and related issues
  • Advice and guidance on your educational career
  • Changing discipline or dropping out
  • Choice of specialisation, graduation, graduating, double specialisation
  • Planning your studies
  • Academic progress and motivation
  • Tutoring
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Management and committee work
  • Work and work placements
  • Studying abroad
  • Financial matters
  • Student grants and loans
  • Financial Aid Regulations for Students (RAS)
  • Costs of studying
  • General educational matters
  • Education and Examination Regulations
  • Student Statute
  • Registration
  • Personal problems
  • Illness
  • Psychosocial problems (family circumstances)
  • Studying with a handicap 
Studying with a handicap

 The University’s Financial Aid Regulations for Students, and the Faculty all make special arrangements for students whose studies are made more difficult by a handicap or a functional disorder (including dyslexia). University student counsellors, student doctors and/or student psychologists will all collaborate on seeking solutions that can help your studies proceed as efficiently as possible.

Individual talks

 Anything that can upset or delay your studies – personal matters just as much as study problems – can be discussed with the student counsellor in a personal and confidential talk. No questions are excluded: on planning, on your choice of study, your capacities, your interest in your studies, your motivation, or your fear of failure. There are also your personal, social and financial circumstances, which can just as easily have a negative influence on your studies and academic progress.
The student counsellor will help you explore the steps that can help you tackle – and enjoy –your studies. If necessary, through consultation or referral, he or she will be able to call in the help of others.