Students will only be admitted to a Master's programme after they have completed a Bachelor's programme. No leeway can be given: the Bachelor's degree programme must have been completed in full. An exception to the rule can only be made on the basis of extremely distressing and exceptional circumstances, which have led directly in not finishing your Bachelor’s programme.

If you want to appeal to the Bsc-before-Msc committee because of extremely distressing and exceptional circumstances which have occurred during the regular exams and resits of a specific course, please send this form to

Please contact the academic counsellors beforehand.
Note that you can only get an extra resit, and thus an exception to the rule, if a failed BSc-course can be directly related to specific personal circumstances.

Next Date Bsc-before-Msc committee:

  •  10th of September 2019 (submit your appeal before 1st September 2019)