(Re-)enrolment at TU Delft

On the following website you can find all the information you need about enrolment.

Enrolment/ Registration for exams

Students are required to register for written examinations via Osiris no later than 14 calendar days (not working days) before the examination takes place.
In case you forgot to register in time, see this link.
Note that you can only register for MSc examinations if you have been admitted to the MSc.

Enrolment Projects and DSE

AE2111-I System Design
All students that need to participate in the project AE2111-I System Design, and are not nominal first year students, must register themselves by emailing the responsible instructor before August. Students that receive a positive BSA (or postponed (‘aangehouden’) advice from the Board of Examiners), will be automatically placed on the list and do not have to register.

AE2223-I Test, Analysis and Simulation
Non-nominal students must contact the responsible lecturer before December to allow the project organization to place these students.

AE3212-II Simulation, Verification and Validation
Enrolment on Brightspace is mandatory. The deadline is Wednesday before the course starts, at 12:00h (noon).

AE3200 Design Synthesis (DSE)
Registration for the Fall DSE is from July to early September. Registration for the Spring DSE is usually from December to early February. Announcements are posted on Brightspace when the registration is open. Registering in OSIRIS is mandatory. Go to OSIRIS > Register > Register for Course Module > Search a course module. After the registration closes, Education & Student Affairs will check if you meet the requirements stated. Only if you meet these minimal requirements, you can be admitted for the DSE! Individual deviations from these requirements are not taken into account. Students who encountered study delay due to special circumstances (reported medical, psychological or personal circumstances) and nearly meet the requirements, should visit the academic counsellors during open office hours before the registration deadlines.

There will be no e-mails sent to announce the registration process. It is the responsibility of the student to watch the relevant messages closely and take appropriate action. Failing to register on time automatically implies that a student will not be admitted to the DSE. Please contact the academic counsellors in case of mitigating circumstances.

Entry requirements DSE

Fall DSE (second period)

  • First year completed
  • Second year completed
  • Selection for the Fall DSE takes place on the basis of results up to and including the fifth examination period (August).


Spring DSE (fourth period)

  • First year completed
  • Second year completed
  • Fourth year student or older
  • Selection for the Spring DSE takes place on the basis of results up to and including the second examination period (January).