Information for students

If you are a first year Aerospace Bachelor student and interested in the Honours Program Bachelors*, this brief text gives you some relevant information about the first steps of enrolling into the HPB program.

  • First, at the end of Q4 of the first academic year, somewhere in June, an information session is organised to provide detailed information on the HPB program. Here you can find the slides from the latest information session.
  • After that meeting you can to apply for the program. To send in your application (CV and motivation letter) the deadline is August 13th, 2022. In the motivation letter you can explain:

1.         Why you would like to participate?
2.         What makes you a good candidate?
3.         What would you like to achieve within the Honours Programme?
4.         Do you already have an idea for a good research project?
5.         How are you going to combine this programme with the regular Bachelor programme?

  • Based on the CVs, motivation letters and grades of the first year of your Bachelor study (average ≥ 8.0), the program coordinator and a student counsellor would make a selection. If necessary additional interviews are held in August. Eventually around 20 students will be invited to start the HPB program.
  • In September of the 2nd academic year (1st year of HPB) the students will be enrolled in the Honours community of TU Delft and admitted to the interfaculty program (a course list of the interdisciplinary program of one of the previous years can be seen in one of the links below – note that the program may change a bit over the years).
  • Later in Q1 of the 2nd academic year (1st HPB year) there will be kick-off meetings (on University and Faculty level) with detailed information on the next steps of the program.


For further questions:

HP-AE coordinator      Jos Sinke (

Academic counsellor   Jeanet Rink (